The only being to defeat Surtur at his full strength prior to the events of the film is Odin. Hes a warrior and true leader. There, he befriendedfellow enslaved gladiator, the Hulk, aiding in return to Earth. However, that character is definitely not in Thor: Ragnarok, so Skurge will be a little different here. The role is played wonderfully by Antony Hopkins. Here's What We Know So Far, Jonathan Majors On Getting Jacked To Play Kang The Conqueror: Hes In The Avenger (Weight) Class. The new do is no insignificant thing. In 2013, Thor the Dark World was released, and in 2017, Ragnarok came out. The success of the Grandmaster comes down to Goldblums acting, plain and simple. What Thompson has created is perhaps Marvels answer to Wonder Woman. His voice-acting as Korg is one of the more refreshing aspects of the film. Director Taika Waititi reveals the filmmaking secrets that made the moviesmost stunning sequence. Loki is a good match against his brother, but once Thor powers up that may no longer be the case. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). What Thor: Ragnarok Contributes to the MCU: What Thor: Ragnarok Withholds from the MCU: The Mighty Thor#133by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby The truth is that the comic book runs to read immediately after immersing yourself in Thor: Ragnarok is the Walt Simonson series from the eighties. Its not long before a petrified Skurge is recruited to Helas army and, in short order, becomes her executioner. Thor: Ragnarok (2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. If you started losing count when all the lasers, swords and green fists began to fly, here's a rundown of all the major deaths in Thor: Ragnarok. Its later revealed that his family hive was destroyed by the Red King and he was forced to compete in the gladiatorial games. The voice of director Taika Waititi is strong, and while hes quick to highlight the absurdity of the comic book narrative, it is also obvious that he has a deep-rooted love for these buffoons. Usually, Heimdall is seen as a stoic figure, who is given one decent scene in a film. 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For all of its humor, director Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok's comes with a staggering body count. While most of the elements of the movie were wonderful, there are still some issues that cant be forgotten. The question can the embodiment of death die? is one meant for philosophy classes and late-night dorm debates. Hulk is always Hulk. Banner is always Banner. Hogun has one battle scene but is quickly killed. The latest film from Marvel Studios, Thor: Ragnarok, might just be the most colorful and fun movie in the 9 year history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Taking place largely on the distant planet . In the MCU, Tessa Thompson plays one of the elite Asgardian warriors. Greatest Loser. Future US, Inc. Full 7th Floor, 130 West 42nd Street, Sadly, its unlikely well see more of him in the future, which means this poor representation is all well have of Skurge in the MCU. She fearlessly leaps across moving spacecraft mid-flight, leaving a trail of broken vessels and ensuring she, Thor, and Bruce successfully escape to Asgard. Here are the comic origins of the Ragnarok additions. You know before it exploded. It's been said that Valkyrie is keen to forget her past, but she'll still end up an ally to Thor and help him stop Hela from going nutso on Asgard. Or is he? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The less said about his brief electric blue period, the better. Taika Waititi said that Korg was only supposed to appear in one or two scenes in "Thor: Ragnarok." The director said Chris Hemsworth suggested that he include him in more scenes. 11. So, when you watch how they treat Loki in Ragnarok, you know they got it right. He finds himself in a tight race against time, in an attempt to get back to Asgard and protect it from Ragnarok, the destruction that has been planned by Hela. In the battle on the bridge, Loki shows that hes not just a bit of an a-hole, hes a decent godwho might be a bit of a hero after all. IMDb keeps listing these Asgardians but no one at Marvel has spoken up yet. (He's not very good at his job). Its a shame for three characters that have been mainstays in the Marvel Universe for decades. When you have Sir Anthony Hopkins playing Odin in a Marvel film, you would imagine that filmmakers would want Odin in the story as much as humanly possible. Conversely, Levi replaced . Here's the top 5 list. He even leads the march against Idris Elbas Heimdall when the Watcher of Worlds attempts to lead the surviving Asgardians to safety across the Rainbow Bridge. The most notable member of the Thor Ragnarok cast is, of course, the Hunk himself, Liam Hemsworth. Coming in and making the top three among the most powerful Record of Ragnarok characters is the Norse God of Thunder, Thor himself! In the original Thor movie, the main character, Thor, gets banished from Asgard. Deviation from design is the quickest route to fanboy outcry. So, its great to see that in Thor: Ragnarok, theyve taken Elbas Heimdall and made him a crucial role in the film. In addition to hammer crushing and a wicked taste in hats, Hela can summon weapons from her body and is fully capable of wiping Asgard off the map. The trio of mighty Asgardian warriors never really received their shining moment in the Thor franchise, but who could've guessed it would be so easy to dispatch Thors closest allies? Hes not just a gatekeeper anymore. After those Team Thor videos, we're definitely on board for a looser Thor. He made his debut in these films when he appeared in The Age of Ultron. Taika Waititi is an award-winning film director, actor, and comedian from New Zealand. It's been a while since we've seen Loki, but the fan favorite character is finally back. Even though Thor successfully defeats the fire demon Surtur in the very first scene, once his power is restored with the Eternal Flame he becomes the only being who is a viable opponent for Hela. Also known as the Executioner, Skurge is a skilled warrior who is usually attached to the hip of the Enchantress in the comics. In Ragnarok, the filmmakers take this villain and give her tons of personality, while she rocks antlers that would be laughed at if anyone else attempted to wear them. . One of the biggest problems of the Thor franchise previously was that Thor is always the least interesting person in the movies. Loki is not necessarily interested in good governance, what bothers him, is his image. Hes constantly being upstaged by his conniving brother, Loki. Loki tricks theAsgardians into thinking he is Odin, and later in the film he infiltrates the inner circle of the Grandmaster, making his experience on Saatar much more comfortable than that of his brother. Korg (Taika Waititi) and Miek, two of Ragnarok 's breakout characters, seem like guarantees as well to round out Team Thor, or the Revengers. Everyone was stoked to see what she would deliver because besides her, only Idris Elba, playing Asgards gatekeeper, was a person of color. Hes about as friendly as the Kurt Russell version in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Top 10 medieval films you should watch on Netflix. Lets be honest, hehad grown a bit stale. The big rock man (whose species we first saw in Dark World) is the entryway into the world of Sakaar and will be "huge and heavy but with a light soul." Only after defeating Hulk in a duel will he be allowed to assemble a team made of Hulk, Valkyrie, and Loki, and then together they can head back to Asgard. Thor: Ragnarok featured a holy host of Marvel characters! Among the close to impossible tasks that he has to accomplish is beating an old Friend, Hulk so he can head back to Asgard. In similar fashion, Hela startsThor: Ragnaroklocked away, although her backstory is very different - she is Thor's sister - and draws on a range of other inspirations. Done deal, right? Make no mistake: The destruction of Asgard marks a major change for the Marvel Cinematic Universe power balance. Because there are so many characters to keep track of, we thought we'd assemble a handy list for every confirmed character appearing in Thor: Ragnarok later this year. The movie will be in theaters November 3. Like the comic storyline, he and the Jade Giant are combatants in the GrandmastersContest of Champions. Forged from the heart of a dying star, the enchanted hammer has been been the signature weapon of Chris Hemsworth's thunder god since his introduction in 2011s Thor. Matt has lived in New Jersey his entire life, but commutes every day to New York City. I dont care about Helas domination of The Warriors Three, or her plan to awaken the army of darkness. The Thor franchise in particular, with otherworldly gods and mythological roots, features a host of all-mighty and superhuman characters. Please do not make assumptions regarding confusing wording, other sites' speculation, and people's headcanon around the internet. Overall, as critics and fans have shown, Ragnarok is not only a great Thor film, but just a really fun film in general. And then Asgard blew up, with her on it. Sif is one of the only characters in the MCU to crossover from the films to TV. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Loki has been ruling Asgard under the guise of Odin since Thor: The Dark World and now that cliffhanger is finally paying off years later. Although not explicitly shown, it is implied that during his time on Sakaar, Hulk racked up quite a body count of Champions. Please refresh the page and try again. Read more from our series on the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Related Topics: Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel, Marvel Studios, Taika Waititi, Thor, Thor: Ragnarok. Even though the character is not blue as described in the comics, his essence still shines through. In Thor: Ragnarok, Skurge is little more than Helas henchman. It seems only fitting that he would lose an eye, making him all the more his fathers son. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Honestly, take a moment and think about everything you knew about Valkyrie before Thor: Ragnarok. environments technical director . Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarokthe destruction of his homeworld and the end of Asgardian civilizationat the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela. In a different movie, you would see Banner quickly understand the situation and help Thor escape from Sakaar. Fenris is revived by the Eternal Flame and immediately gets to wrecking house. On top of that, theyve been building this will-they-wont-they relationship between her and Thor since the first film. Hes THE Norse god. While the other two films tried to stress the fantasy elements of Thor and his comics, Ragnarok went another direction and incorporated a much heavier dose of sci-fi and comedy. Thor is a Norse god. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Not one scene. Did you even know the character of The Grandmaster before Thor: Ragnarok? Among the likenessesis the distinctive equine face of Beta Ray Bill, a member of the Korbinite race and ally of Thor. Any God of War Ragnarok fans know Ancients can . When not rambling about movies here, he's rambling about comics as the co-host of Comic Book Couples Counseling. Loki does not have the most powerful magic or superhuman strength, but his unpredictability gives him an advantage. As an Elder of the Universe, one ofa handful of nigh-immortal super-specialists (the Collector collects, for example), En Dwi Gast was "born" inThe Avengers#69 (1969). Loki, as we all know him, is always mischievous and is constantly looking for new ways to be naughty. character modeller: Framestore Yuri Carrara . Remember that Thor has been held up in Sakaar, and he does not have his hammer. Hes a fun character, but never better than his heroic older brother. Right now, Black Panther is the only solo movie that can match Ragnarok in sheer casting power. She technically debuted inThe Avengers#83, althoughthat was actually just the Enchantress and the actual Valkyrie arrived inIncredible Hulk#142. He keeps the public sated with the extravagant Contest of Champions and seems to be able to execute anyone with the wave of a wand. Her lead role on the TV show Blindspot could have caused some scheduling conflicts, so right now, it's unclear if the warrior Sif will finally get her due. The Grandmaster is one of the universe elders. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby forJourneys into Mystery#103 (1964), Skurge hailed from the Asgardian realm of Jotunheim, gaining the name Executioner after a valiant and brutal battle against the Storm giants. Thor has always been one to take initiative, but each of his films takes a different angle of this personality trait. This is pretty out of character for a guy that has interacted with space aliens before, and has an incredibly high intelligence. The source of his powers, including energy blasts and storms,is hisenchantedhammer. He replaced Joshua Dallas, who portrayed the character in Thor. For his first outing, henabbed the Avengersto compete against Kang the Conqueror, who recruited theSquadron Sinister(a takeoff of the Justice League). Santa Monica Studio revealed a new look at these major characters in God of War: Ragnarok and their performers, including Thor and Angrboa, the mate of Loki and mother of monsters (at least in . His biggest obstacle is his own emotions. Thor is the Gods' representative in the first round of Ragnarok, going against L Bu. Yeah, hes probably not coming back from that. InRagnarok, Korg is voiced by director Taika Waititi, who also provided the motion-capture. Hela is Thors older sister; she is also the goddess of death. Superman without red underwear? In his previous MCU appearances, Banner has been a contributor to the Avengers, with his amazing IQ and little snarky quips. Thor isnot the most powerful of the film characters solely based on abilities. Waititi said that "all of Korg's stuff was pretty much ad . The superhero blockbuster has an excellent cast with a ton of characters, both new and old, set to make one of the most exciting entries in Marvel's roster. Thor in God of War Ragnarok . This joke gets even funnier. Facing the end of his life, Odin is no longer the strong warrior and king he once was. Imprisoned indefinitely within the Earths core by Odin, hes none-too-fond of the All-Father and often finds himself at odds with Thor and Asgard. So it appears that rock triumphs over scissors. Cue Immigrant Song.. Did you notice how much screen-time Lady Sif was given in Thor: Ragnarok? Along with his enhanced abilities,Heis incredibly charming, cunning, intelligent, and manipulative. Probably, the only thing you can think about is she was a female Asgardian warrior that carried a big sword. When asked about these plot twists, the directors said that Chris Hemsworth felt that he had portrayed the same character for a very long time, and he was ready to play around with the character. However, that doesnt change the impact of the sequence, as it might be one of the most important losses in the sequel. The Huntress First on the list is the Huntress, who serves as one of the earliest bosses in God of War Ragnarok and is the reason for the fight's relative simplicity. Oh well. Jeff states that it took a lot of improvisation on his part to turn the idea that was on the script to a character that was his own. His role in the movie is still a bit of a mystery, but he's probably not a guy Thor wants to tango with in a dark alley without his hammer. Maybe hell bring Mieks corpse along with him! Sadly, they're little more than cannon fodder for Hela as she conquers Asgard. Of the three, Hogun is at least given a fighting chance at survival. Taika Waititi says that the actions and the mannerisms that he portrays in this characters were inspired by nightclub bouncers. Hes also constantly befuddled by the characters and actions around him. New Movie News, Movie Trailers & upcoming Movie Reviews, Thor Ragnarok: 7 Characters It Ruined (And 8 It Greatly Improved), 15 Controversies That Almost Destroyed Marvel. For all of its humor, director Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnaroks comes with a staggering body count. Im here for the Jack Kirby light show. There aren't very many places for the Soul Stone to show up, so we'll wait and see if this theory pans out. This page contains a list of characters for Thor: Ragnarok, including names, actors, voice actors, and bios, images and video for each character. However, Skurge is more complex than a simple villain and even proved himself an honorable warrior during the Ragnarok story arc when he sacrifices himself to help Thor and his cohorts escape death. RELATED: MCU's Thor Trilogy - The 10 Best Characters. In the comics, hes a man that can shape-shift into a wolf and vice-versa who also happens to be the son of Loki and -in the Marvel Universe at least - the inspiration behind the Little Red Riding Hood myth. Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is well under way, with a whopping three movies hitting in 2017 alone. First appearing inJourney into Mystery#83 (1962),Korgisa member of the Kronan race, once known as the stone men of Saturn. Unlike the other movies where he was just a killing machine, Ruffalo feels that his character had some swag in this movie. During thePlanet Hulkarc hewound up a prisoner of Sakaar's tyrannicalruler, the Red King. The god of thunder has, after all, gone from an entitled brat in Thor to the King of Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok. Remember, only this site's policies fully apply in this site. In theaters now, director Taika Waititis Thor: Ragnarok stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Mark Ruffalo as Hulk, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Cate Blanchett as Hela, Jeff Goldblum as The Grandmaster, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Anthony Hopkins as Odin, and Karl Urban as Skurge. Warriors Three fans are probably still ripping out their hair. However, a new and interesting dimension to his career opened up when he decided to play the role of Korg in Thor. His position askeeper of the Bifrost and travel between worlds is powerful. In this new movie, we see Elbas role transform from that of an elder statesman and a gatekeeper to a serious warrior that receives a lot of action when trying to save his people from destruction. He was unable to defeat Hela on his own, and a gladiator battle with Hulk was a fairly equal match. Its a shame for what could have been one of the scarier villains. Taika Waikiki, through his role as Korg, delivered most of these humorous moments. After finishing the film, viewers know a lot about Valkyrie. Matt has been covering the entertainment industry for over two years and will fight to his dying breath that Hulk and Black Widow make a good couple. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - cast, review and scores, READ ALSO: Tahidi high actors & actresses real names. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Hero or Villain: Hero. An immensely powerful fire demon from Muselheim, Surtur is one of Thor's most powerful villains. Thank you for signing up to CinemaBlend. The first scene of Ragnarok gives you everything you need to know about Surtur. Shes charismatic, beautiful and incredibly scary. Both personalities have a right to live. As Anthony Hopkins Odin says, the hammer was meant to hone Thors lightning powers, but it was never the source. Thor has to prove himself so that he can get the approval of his father and get back the control of the kingdom. While fighting the good fight and protecting the galaxy, he catches word of gods being butchered across the universe. We like our superheroes to stay on brand. That throne youve denied your whole life is not your rightful place, and that hammer that used to pull you off (planet) had a master before you. SPOILERS for Thor: Ragnarok ahead. Like Ray Stevenson, Hogun actor Tadanobu Asano was spotted in Australia while Thor: Ragnarok was there filming. Odins death might be the saddest one. Here are some of the most brilliant hidden jokes: A Gentleman in Moscow: How did the story end? He takes that massive sword that he uses to control the Bifrost and single-handedly fights Helas army of the dead. Obviously, that was not the film Kevin Feige wanted, and in hiring Taika Waititi, he assured that even a film climaxing with the destruction of Asgard would be the franchise zaniest endeavor. In the original Thor movie, the main character, Thor, gets banished from Asgard. They intended him to say a line or two, but Christ Hemsworth liked the character so much that they even had to do motion capture for his actions. Waititi delights in Thors belittling of Banner in front of Hulk and vice versa. She and her Valkyrie sisters were unable to defeat Hela, but on the battlefield, she would be an incredible opponent for many of the other characters. Covered in flames and wearing a crown of horns, he indeed does grow to the size of a mountain (as he mentions at the beginning of the movie) and brings about the end of Asgard by completely destroying it as well as Hela and himself. However, actor Ray Stevenson was seen on social media in Australia (where Thor: Ragnarok filmed) in a post that said he was there to film the movie. He picks up two of their most mishandled action figures, frees them of their usual accessories, and redefines their appeal. Volstagg and Fandral are killed within seconds by Hela. This development of the character makes the future much more interesting. Odin Is he dead, or just chillin in Valhalla. Taika states that when he was setting out to do the voice over for the character, he did not expect that it would go so well that the fans would be looking forward to more. Thats actually a Marvel character called Fenris, who has a backstory that is deeply intertwined with Loki. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. You know that big wolf that the Hulk fights at the end of Thor: Ragnarok? Banner is no longer confident and in control. The Dark World attempted to reverse the fish-out-of-water concept by dragging Jane Foster into a full-blown fantasy adventure. Never doubt the spoiling power of merchandise. How will this new Hulk interact with Black Widow and the rest of the Avengers? The video they captured features Thor and Atreus during their journey in Niflheim. Your dad has faded from existence leaving you a kingdom built on bloodshed. However, well never get to see this on screen because hes only there to be cannon fodder for the Hulk to fight. Tessa Thompson brings a strength and beauty to the role, making Valkyrie a truly three-dimensional character. Another Marvel Studios film means another round of ultimate sacrifices from heroes and secondary characters fans have come to know and love -- along with, in this case, an entire realm. During his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Hulk (minus Banner) has never been fully fleshed out as a character. Its a bit of a bummer, but nothing Ill lose sleep over either. Goldblum never ventures off into cartoony with the character, but the Grandmaster remainsfun to watch and a joy to hear. Thor: Ragnarok is going for a more comedic approach with the character and letting Hemsworth have more fun in the process. The two of them had a fun back and forth, and it'll be exciting to see what director Taiki Waititi does with Strange's magic (more magic beer mugs, please). Hogun, Volstagg and Fandral are three characters that deserved better. Strange likely won't stick around long, but he has a much bigger role in Avengers: Infinity War waiting just around the corner. So lets dig into some classic Kirby instead with this perfect single issue. Will he become even more intelligent? But that doesn't mean it's not, above all, a character-driven story. Hes no longer the Asgardian party boy that cant lead his people.
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