Current speculation is that its related to a fight he broke up at Roosevelt last fall. Roosevelt High School School Hours: 8:50 a.m. - 3:40 p.m. Wednesdays: 8:50 a.m. - 2:25 p.m. View Bell Schedule Attendance: 206-252-4814 Main Office: 206-252-4810 Fax: 206-252-4811 Resources Roosevelt eNewsletter Senior Updates College Visit Schedule Counseling Center School Nurse Career Connected Learning Hagopian listed a number of high-profile cases of racism in schools nationally, including the case in which a. was told by a referee he had to cut his dreadlocks to compete. Rodgers says that though she has not been actively seeking a new position, when the job was mentioned to her, it allowed her to reevaluate the next steps in her career. The Roosevelt News accepts, and may choose to publish, signed letters to the editors. Find more info on the Student Portal page: Student_portalCommunication Preferences: SPS Communication_preferences, Physical and Mental HealthSchool Nurse, Madalyn (Madie) Nelson MSN, RNEmail: mdnelson1@seattleschools.orgPhone: 206-252-4817, Teen Health Center Staffed full time by a Physician Assistant, Mental Health Therapists, and a Health Educator, providing family medicine servicesWebsite: Neighborcare.orgLocation: Room 255Phone: 206-527-8336Email:, Nutrition and Family SupportStudent and Family Meals Roosevelt High School. Want to Know Who Belongs to Golden Grads? Opened in 1922 to relieve overcrowding at Lincoln High School, [2] it ranks as the second-largest high school in Seattle Public Schools. We want to acknowledge the strong work that Assistant Principals Proctor, Merca, and Kelly have led during Principal Hollinss absence, ensuring our students and staff at Roosevelt High School are safe and focused on the teaching and learning we want for each of our school communities. One is, make sure the administration team as well as the school body communicate with each other, the other is making sure students are empowered in many different facets of their own education.. Rodgers says, I think that individual is walking into a school that is really primed for collaboration. School reports are produced by the State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for each school and district in the state and updated periodically throughout the year as data becomes available. 12. I thought the principal of Roosevelt was a woman. Idk. The illustration accompanied two stories in the newspaper: one on how substance abuse contributes to homelessness, and the other on how drug rehabilitation works and how much it costs. One is we ordered six, I believe, anonymous reporting boxes that were going to hang around the school. To maybe. Nancy Theodore Roosevelt High School (Fresno, California) Theodore Roosevelt High School (Los Angeles, California) Theodore Roosevelt High School (Colorado) President Theodore Roosevelt High School, Honolulu, Hawaii. About Washington State PTA Founded in 1905, the Washington Congress of Parents and Teachers, now known as the Washington State Parent Teacher Association(WSPTA), is the largest non-profit, volunteer organization in Washington. The coalition wants schools toreplace those policies with restorative justice, a practice that encourages conflict resolution and peace circles between students and adults in schools. Roosevelt principal Kristina Rodgers declined an interview through a district spokesman and didn't respond to an email seeking comment. The students who spoke at Mondays news conference said what they experienced was more subtle, but still harmful. New Leadership Team: I will be introducing two new Assistant Principals to our school this year. [6] The Northern Ireland travelers visit Oakgrove Integrated College in Derry which is led by John Harkin, while the South African travelers visit Isilimela Comprehensive School and Bellville High School (Horskool Bellville) in Cape Town. Aminah Adams, a senior at Rainier Beach, said students care more about school when they feel school staff care about them. Once she learned of The Times story, she sent an email to. To see what else is happening this spring, go to one of the websites below: For More on RHS Jazz Bands click here or visit the Jazz Boosters Calendar Page. Please submit them to The Roosevelt News, Attention: Paul Reese, Roosevelt High School, 1410 NE 66th Street, Seattle, Washington 98115; or by email to In 2016, the boys' golf team capped off an undefeated season with a metro, district, and state championship. hWmO8+x7IZJ)o,j4Kt _3S)rx^3LD!]bsg. Yet, Hollins journey was not a linear one in fact, he reveals that he did not grow up wanting to work in education. McIntosh played professionally in Frau Bundesliga, WUSA, and semi-professionally in W-League, WPSL. endstream endobj startxref Assistant Principal Jessica Proctor stepped in to support after his absence. The Roosevelt News was awarded the honor, Sayre Burwell (left), Lucas Schultze (right) / Gabby Demeny, The Roosevelt News Are you looking, Roosevelt Teacher Racial Diversity Lags Behind Students, Seattle City Council Allocates $4M to School Mental Health Resources, TRN Earns First Class Honor in Critique by NSPA, In Our Honest Opinions, With Lucas and Sayre. What happened here? Although the Covid-19 pandemic meant no Annual Luncheon in 2020 through 2022, scholarships and Teacher's Wish List requests are being awarded. For four years, Rodgers has been principal at Roosevelt High School in the Seattle School District. It was actually at Ballard that Rodgers was first encouraged to apply her skills towards an administrator position. The student is the product of the system, the racist system (in which) theyve been taught, Castro-Gill said. # 842 in National Rankings. The Roosevelt Symphony Orchestra also performs yearly with the Seattle Symphony in the annual Side by Side concert. Roosevelt High School 1410 NE 66 th St. Seattle, WA 98115 Members and Alternates Present Mike Barrett Sandy Miller Michael McKenney Bruce Rowland Johnson Andres Salomon Nola Sterling . Its easy to do. And honestly, the last time I talked to Ms. Rockerson, who was the principal when I was here, I told her I was going to come back and be principal at this school.. [citation needed] The girls' basketball team has won one state championship[14] and had a wide-release theatrical movie, The Heart of the Game, based on their experiences. To become a lifetime member the cost is $300 for an individual lifetime member or $400 for a couple living in the same household. PACKS FOR TEENS the support of the University District Food Bank and the community, our program serves Roosevelts families in need each week. [citation needed], In the Hands for a Bridge program, students choose to travel either to South Africa or Northern Ireland, where they help foster dialogue about diversity, prejudice, and social change. The school was designed by the Seattle School District's architect, Floyd Naramore, and constructed in 192122. I personally want to thank Ms. Proctor, Ms. Merca and Mr. Kelly, as well as the Roosevelt staff for continuing to focus on our students. Number one, you know family has good times and family has bad times but family sticks togetherI try to say that with each message I give out that I love you, because, you know, we as a society, we as a Roosevelt community, you need to know that the first thing thats most important is that we love each other. To support this work and to increase transparency and accountability, the district has created and published public facing discipline dashboards for each school which became available on November 1, 2021. Many saidwhat they wanted most was for teachers and administrators to listen to and invest in them. [3] NPR described RHS as "an above-average school in a below-average school district"[4] based on test scores in 2001. ft. townhouse is a 2 bed, 2.0 bath unit., Main Office: 206-252-4810 She says, I think that theres a different energy within our school community. It has 1,715 students in grades 9th through 12th. On June 5, 2019 Golden Grads returned to the Nile Country Club for a wonderful 37th Annual Luncheon. (click on membership form) and mail to RHS Golden Grads, PO Box 281, Edmonds, WA 98020-0281. [16] Since the start of the official state playoffs in 1974, Roosevelt has made it to the state playoffs five times, most recently advancing to the quarterfinals in 2012 and to Round of 16 in 2014. I have fond memories of Roosevelt, Hollins explains. That transition in roles was a positive., And as for the next principal? The orchestras perform annually at various concerts and competitions, including the annual Northwest Orchestra Festival in Gresham, Oregon. Principal: Tami Brewer During this time classes were held in Lincoln High School. Educators in multiple cities including Seattle then planneda nationwide Black Lives Matter at Schools week. Thats what leaders do, even if its not formally in a classroom.. Hollins has strived to be extremely active in the community during his first weeks at school, attending football games and walking through the halls in the mornings and during lunch. of events based on the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement. He admits that the transition was challenging, saying theres always more things to do than time., Beyond obstacles created as a result of the pandemic, Hollins explains that he is also in the process of learning a different school culture; [thats] different too., Nevertheless, he mentions that the students have really embraced me. Smiling, he says, You dont know how it feels, to go to a game and all you hear is HOLLINS WHATS UP! I mean, its just an amazing feeling. I have a son thats currently in first grade, and I have twins that will be in kindergarten next year, she says. In the past, Roosevelt has faced challenges regarding its handling of incidents of sexual assault and discrimination, and in order to help address those issues, the administration has worked to put new initiatives in place. Prior to becoming that, she worked for seven years as one of the school's assistant principals. While Roosevelt students know her as Principal Rodgers, Rodgers history at Seattle Public Schools goes back before she began teaching. In 2016, an event at John Muir Elementary in which teachers planned to wear Black Lives Matter shirts was canceled because of a security threat. I know that the principal union is fairly strong, so it either has to be coming from Hollins, but in which case Id think that the community would be given an explanation of some sort. Chronic health issue for himself or a loved one, Strong disagreement with school district leadership, Family needs / demands requiring his focus, Professional opportunity and negotiated separation. Dear RHS Community, As many of you have now heard, Principal Hollins is on an approved leave. New principals appointed at Garfield, Roosevelt. On Mar. The Pacific Northwest is rich with such quality jazz musicians, educators, and programs that deliver excellence at the highest level. With this new position being a ferry ride across the water, Rodgers plans for her family residence to move to Bainbridge Island for the start of the school year. [10] Besides its renowned Jazz Band, Roosevelt has a vocal jazz group and multiple after-school jazz bands: Jazz Bands II, III, and IV. The boys team entered the national stage with impressive wins over Summit, Monarch, and Northwest to win the 2015 Westerns High School Ultimate tournament. I know that they will do great things, and I appreciate their support and their push over the last many years., Follow us on Instagram @therooseveltnews for issue updates and to learn more about the staff! Now, walking through the same school halls years later, he feels a quiet sense of nostalgia. [18] After finishing first in 2017, the boys' soccer team was ranked at the end of the year by MaxPreps as the 6th rated Boys Soccer team in the US. Assistant Principal (A-Le) Caliboso, Antonia. Burr said her organization discussed racism and the newspapers illustration during a monthly meeting Monday with Superintendent Denise Juneau. O'Dea High School is a Catholic all boys high school founded in 1923 and is located in Seattle's First Hill neighborhood.The school is named after Edward John O'Dea who was bishop of Seattle when the school was built. Seattle, WA 98115 You can add Credit Card instructions to the form or attach your personal check to pay your dues. Part of creating community is increasing trust between students and staff, which requires Hollins to be present and accessible at school a commitment hes taken close to heart. This has been and continues to be a unique and challenging year and their combined action represents the best in our shared work for our students and families. From there, his degree led him to venture into the world of teaching. The dedication took place on. So often when people misstep, we want to blame and shame, but this is an opportunity for us as a district to get it right, Burr said. The timing is really good for continuing the work., I wish our students the best, I care about them, Rodgers says. Building History and Information Building History, Community Partners at RooseveltCommunity resources and programs at Roosevelt High School, The Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) is an action plan for each schoolthat identifies the areas a school plans to focus on in the current and coming school year, the performance goals they want students to achieve, and how the school plans to collaboratively meet these goals, The plans are updated regularly to reflect the strategies being used at each school. In 201415, Roosevelt, Garfield and Ballard High schools returned to the Metro 3A Conference. The Roosevelt News receives national scholastic journalistic recognition. At the news conference, some panel members said they felt the push to address racism in schools has mostly been a grass-roots effort. Next week, teachers involved in the movementplan to teach lessons on institutional racism and black history throughout the district. Welcome, Roosevelt High School families! Just being able to be part of their learning was amazing. [12], The boys' basketball team has won three state championships: in 1946, 1973 & 1982 and placed 2nd in 1965 & 1987. Brian Vance joins the West Seattle High School team after serving as the principal of Roosevelt High School and The Center School. Search for Public Schools - Roosevelt High School (530771001239) NCES Surveys & Programs Annual Reports Annual Reports Condition of Education Digest of Education Statistics Projections of Education Statistics Topical Studies National Assessments National Assessments We have wonderful staff [and] so many leaders who are stepping into important roles and in the work that were doing., Ultimately, Rodgers does not think the change in principals will impede Roosevelts continued cultural and equity work. Coincidentally, the image was published just before educators and students were to launch next week's Black Lives Matter at School initiative, a series of events focused on racial justice. 0 We dont want you to miss out on anything! Ending a leadership upheaval at Garfield High School, Seattle schools Superintendent Joseph Olchefske yesterday appointed an experienced principal . Roosevelt High School - Special Education Assistant - 1.0 FTE Seattle Public Schools Seattle, WA 6 days ago Be among the first 25 applicants Rodgers began as assistant principal at Roosevelt in 2010. Its hard to live on [that]. And so that if somebody sees something they can just put a message in the box.. This is a fantastic blend of experienced SPS high school leaders with new energy and talents from other school districts. For someone to leave like this after just 6 months, they either have a major illness/family issue or something went very wrong. Nancy Carroll has been an assistant principal of West Seattle High School since the 2018-19 school year. This document also serves as the school-wide improvement plan for our Title I schools. Our intent is to broaden thinking and bring awareness to issues that matter in our community and provide an open forum for discussion within our school. 121 0 obj <> endobj Im excited to work in a new school district and understand how the policies and procedures in the Bainbridge School District compare to those of Seattle, she says. 11. After moving to Washington State, he completed his administrative . Were proud to announce that Roosevelt Jazz Band 1 has been selected as a finalist to the Essentially Ellington Festival in New York City. She said shed like school employees to ask about her goals and how they can help her meet them. A photo of the illustration spread rapidly among students and parents at other schools on social media,and it prompted the principal to apologize, plan continued diversity training for staff and audit the newspapers workflow. School Hours: 8:50 a.m. 3:40 p.m. The Roosevelt News accepts, and may choose to publish, signed letters to the editors. In response, about 2,000 teachershere wore the shirts and some schools held rallies a month later. Incidents are counted as many times as there are students involved.Rate: Discipline rate for an exclusion type.School Name: School name.Students: Count of students with at least one disciplinary incident.Suspensions: Count of suspensions for a student attribute.Weapons: Count of disciplinary incidents in which a weapon was involved. The 1,030 sq. The Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) Capital Levy supports the districts long-range plans to upgrade and renovate aging school facilities and address enrollment growth. This School is HUGE. The Black Lives Matter at School coalition wants the schools to hire more black teachers, mandate black history and ethnic studies, and fund more counselors instead of police at schools. After 11 years at Roosevelt High School and nearly two decades at Seattle Public Schools, Principal Kristina Rodgers announced April 30 that she would be accepting a position as principal of Bainbridge High School for the 2021-2022 school year. Discipline dashboard data reflects the current school year and will be updated quarterly throughout the school year. Uh whatever happened to principal Kristina? hb```,\| eaXZ vP5AA*L@yA Contact us at Coming into a new position, in addition to spearheading the effort to return to the building full time, there was a lot of adjusting involved for the principal. At the start of the 20162017 school year, a fourth jazz band was added due to an even greater amount of jazz musicians entering the program. With that being said, I have a heart towards students who dont feel like they fit into the high school life., Join or renew your PTSA membership online, Fax: 206-252-4811, 1410 NE 66th St. HkwauaQueJol Hollins, Roosevelts new principal, is no stranger to Seattle Public Schools. EN. Roosevelt offers Spanish and French, and it is the only school in Seattle Public Schools that offers American Sign Language. The Roosevelt Orchestra program includes the Concert Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra, and the Symphony Orchestra. Instead, after graduating high school Hollins was drawn toward cultural anthropology, fueled by a deep love for stories. This leave will continue for the remainder of the school year, at which time he will end his employment with Seattle Public Schools. In contrast to being one of 12 high school principals in the district, Rodgers will be the only high school principal in the entire Bainbridge Island School District. Overall Score 95.28 /100. Many school administrators havent seemed to embrace the curriculum,she said, because they think their schools already promote diversity and dont realize the problems are systemic. An addition was constructed on the north side of the main building to house a new gym, cafeteria and performing arts center. We had a great time at the Golden Grads Luncheons at Sand Point Country Club. In January 2017, a group of educators in Philadelphia inspired by what had transpired in Seattleorganized a week of events based on the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement.
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