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^O{f 0jlrG11lgjcBR8LLQ4Ms7Irl;%oOA?CECpd@{m1MS]81W_4;O,Wmw@:5(h1f up/}u,2 Et8ALC%Z7 #fc[,:RC oA_"IFWS.fL' rx0!% ^r2;u,{0rd@Ty !A34AEnKZX+1 n/o It should be possible to know where the Specification originated. Interoperability is defined as the capability of two or more systems to exchange and use information. There is sometimes confusion between the two terms, however, in most cases, these two terms mean exactly the same thing and often comes down to the personal preference of the company that needs the certificate. The test suites are available athttp://xw2k.nist.gov/xml/index.html. What does it mean to have a conformance clause? Portability is the ability to move software programs or applications among different computer systems with minimal change. In general, the . Is this a requirement that comes from a particular type of user? The problem here however is the chance that the person who raised the requisition may well change their mind or refine the specification as quotes begin to arrive. and more interested in what a product does. Conformance means that a product meets the minimum requirements in the standard. Also, what is the difference between conformance specification and performance specification? As a procurement professional . The procedures should also contain information on what must be done operationally when failures occur. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) are addressing XML-related interoperability issues by jointly developing test suites that are intended to complement the W3C Recommendations. The alternative is falsification testing, which subjects an implementation to various combinations of legal and illegal inputs, and compares the resulting output to a set of corresponding "expected results." goods or service must perform. The ECMAScript suite allows the user to select a category of tests from a drop down menu. DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS: Design 0000001115 00000 n Early stage specifications can be seen as part of the review with the customer (internal or external) about what they are looking to achieve on the project. Additionally it may specify the permissibility of extensions, options, and alternative approaches and how they are to be handled. PFi@("$0 (JDbyHA': F$%BIPAl4FP'aFYlO2f)m8c4&3 o7q$e9(#yd: Well explain what a CoC is, what its used for, and what it includes. An official website of the United States government. A testing program cannot exist without a test tool or test suite, but a test tool/suite can exist without a testing program. 0000004999 00000 n Some recent standards include, as official parts of the standard, lists of assertions. quantity scheduled purchases. Levels are nested subsets of the specifications. service that ill satisfy a particular need at an economical cost The objective is to produce tests for as many of the specification's requirements as feasible and use these tests to find errors in the implementation. The size of staff necessary to do purpose intended. 0000066307 00000 n Any mention of commercial products or reference to commercial organizations is for information only; it does not imply recommendation or endorsement by NIST nor does it imply that the products mentioned are necessarily the best available for the purpose. (a) Special marking as required under the applicable Military Specification [e.g. Click here for Terms & Conditions. Another issue it whether or not a certificate expires (e.g., good for 2 years or never expire). award at the lowest possible cost. [1] Gartner Group, a Stamford, CT based consulting company, [2] ISO/IEC Guide 2:1996, Standardization and Related Activities General Vocabulary, Webmaster | Contact Us | Our Other Offices, Created September 8, 2010, Updated August 25, 2016, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). and to invite maximum reasonable competition. products, others may simply require that brands be tested under 0000009883 00000 n What are the types of specifications when contracting? It, in turn, refers to other parts of the standard. 1. Extensions shall follow the principles and guidelines of the standard they extend, that is, the specifications must be extended in a standard manner. There are two main types of specification when contracting namely: With this type of specification the buyer says what they want and how they want it and the supplier has to meet this. Development of the test suite may well be the costliest part of the conformance program. To this end, 2) The car shall have a really kickin stereo system. specifications may not be unduly restrictive. submitted written justification to this effect and the Director %PDF-1.2 Is it a marketing or business requirement? Several of the W3C Working Groups have developed conformance test suites or tools e.g., SVG, CSS, and HTML. product has to be specially made to meet the purchaser's unique specifications customarily employ dimensional and other physical A specification becomes an essential contract management document which is used to ensure that the chosen supplier provides what is specified. Applications often do not require all the features within a standard. This nesting continues until level n, which consists of the entire specification. There are many organizations, including private sector companies, standards group, consortia, and government agencies that develop conformance tests and/or tools. [Importers Guide], What is a certificate of conformity (CoC). specifications; performance specifications; and the Qualified For ensure testability of a specification/standard, care should be taken in the wording of the specifications itself. Reference method tests and PEMS drift tests are conducted to determine conformance of the PEMS with the specification. represents the kind of thinking in which architects and engineers BRAND-NAME SPECIFICATIONS: The If the criteria or requirements for conformance are not specified, there can be no conformance testing. This is a document, parallel to but distinct from the official specifications, that contains a list of recognized extensions to the standard. 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Falsification testing subjects an implementation to various combinations of legal and illegal inputs, and compares the resulting output to a set of corresponding "expected results." bidders offering products other than specified obtain This is costly because much work may have already been done which did not take into consideration and may exclude meeting the later requirements. arrived at by a systematic and formal process. A conformance clause is a section of a specification that states all the requirements or criteria that must be satisfied to claim conformance to the specification. Other conformance related terms include validation and certification. Procurement is responsible for final editing of specification, having been used historically in public There are two types of specifications, Design and Performance. Proprietary Specification. An example would be a recipe for a food . Departments wishing to (b) Semiconductor devices and microcircuits not procured under a military specification shall be For NIST's participation in XML/DOM conformance testing, see "XML-Based Technologies. 1.3 Upon request by the Owner, the Manufacturer at its expense shall provide, a Conformance involves two major components: (1) a test tool and (2) a testing program (e.g., certification or branding). BioPreferred Program - Federal Purchasing. John Spacey, May 01, 2017. Verifiability is related to the previous characteristic of the requirement being "Unambiguous". On the other hand, the policy might be that a certificate is issued (or a claim of conformance is made) only if no errors are found. Such an implementation provides a proof of concept of the standard and also provides a tool for the developers of the conformance test suite (by generating expected values, testing the test suite, etc.) characteristic of equipment, materials and supplies. of function and cost. determine equivalency. approval for the product offered before bid opening. 2) Actions - related to things such as functions, processes,. substantially equivalent to those named are considered for award, There are many types of testing including testing for performance, robustness, behavior, functions and interoperability. Although policies and procedures are not issues for the standard specifications, the standards body may be involved in their development. specification is to provide a basis for obtaining a good or Falsification testing can only demonstrate non-conformance. 1.2 Upon request by the Owner, the Manufacturer at its expense shall provide proof of conformance with any or all requirements of this specification. specifications; brand-name-or-equal specifications; design products are equal and this basis must be predicated upon is characteristic of construction or personal services contracts. They often refer to particular documents, and/or particular information within them. The CoC can either be requested by a buyer to ensure the product being manufactured has been tested and passes the set criteria within a specification and meets both technical and safety requirements,or it would be a mandatory requirement as stated by country regulations and law for certain products, such as Bluetooth devices being sold in the USA. It is generally inspected during customs clearance if the product being imported requires it. These assertions are statements of functionality or behavior derived from the standard, and which are true for conforming implementations. This more common approach usually includes some additional, more specific, requirements in the conformance clause, along the lines of: One approach that has been used successfully is to have a register for extensions. Within these For example, American national standard ASQ/ANSI ID1:2021 defines aCertificate of Compliance as adocument from an authority certifying that the supplied products or services conform to specific and required specifications. What should a certificate of conformity include? An airline buys fan blades for their planes engines. By definition, a Sensor installation and measurement location specifications, performance and equipment specifications, test procedures, and data reduction procedures are included in this specification. Finally, the testing policy and procedure should identify and define the actions of the organization(s) responsible for conducting the tests, handling disputes, and issuing certificates (or brands) of validation. 0000004193 00000 n 0000045027 00000 n with the Procurement Officer reserving the final right to It is the basis of all offers and therefore the foundation for a contract. Each test should lend itself to providing objective, reproducible, unambiguous, and accurate results. Materials used must be It is generally inspected during customs clearance if the product being imported requires it. These criteria may or may not require implementations to pass 100% of the specifications. items regularly available in the market place, as is On the one hand, a conformance certificate (or a claim of conformance) might only state that an implementation had been tested to completion, and provide a list of the errors that were found. It's important to have several calls/meetings with the requesting department to get more clarity about their needs, ask them to get piece of paper and write on it what they need whatever they can write! While actual testing (1st or 3rd party testing) and certification (branding) can be carried out by various organizations, it is essential that there be a centralized sponsor or owner of the conformance testing program. Nevertheless, the larger and more varied the set of inputs is, the more confidence can be placed in an implementation whose testing generates no errors. These requirements are specified in a standard or specification as either part of a conformance clause or in the body of the specification. 20899 USA, Email: lisa.carnahan [at] nist.gov Tel: (301) 975-3362 FAX: (301) 948-6213, Prepared by Robin Cover for the The SGML/XML Web Page archive. Conformance Clause Every specification SHALL contain a conformance clause. Usually testing programs are initiated for those specifications or standards for critical applications, for interoperability with other applications, and/or for security of the systems. https://www.nist.gov/itl/ssd/information-systems-group/what-thing-called-conformance. 0000008556 00000 n If The general definition for conformance has changed over time and been refined for specific standards. sizable latitude in how to accomplish the end purpose. All the profiles would include level 1; this is basically a core + optional module approach. 9 0 obj The steps that lead towards conformance to specifications include defining quality characteristics of service or product, deciding on how to measure every quality characteristic, setting quality standards for every quality characteristic, controlling quality against the set quality standards, finding and correcting . What are Performance/Output Based Specifications? When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. Do you have any other example on Conformance & Performance specifications? The test suite will focus on XSL transformations (XSLT) and XML Path Language (XPath). It assumes responsibility for insuring that the components of the program are in place and becomes the centralized source for information about the program. If the bid does not conform to the specification in all elements, it is not a bid at all; but a new proposition. % Alternatively, the Java test suite can be downloaded and run locally. A lock ( In 1991, ISO/IEC DIS 10641 defined conformance testing as "test to evaluate the adherence or non-adherence of a candidate implementation to a standard." These errors and ambiguities can then be fed back to the standards committee who developed the specification, for correction. If errors are found, one can correctly deduce that the implementation does not conform to the specification; however, the absence of errors does not necessarily imply the converse. The duty of Procurement to promote A good specification should do four things: (1) Identify minimum requirements, (2) allow for a competitive bid, (3) list reproducible test methods to be used in testing for compliance with specifications, and (4) provide for an equitable award at the lowest possible cost. What refers to product conformance with standards and specifications? QualityInspection.org does not present this information as a basis for you to make decisions, and we do not accept any liability if you do so. Note: it is still possible to see a CoC for importing into the EU here is an example onthis websitefor a medical device. (3) list reproducible test methods to be used in testing for R3XF5h{o9gkz1p!i[$KQt?I$o:hdSisA4e3Dm9,Hhj4@`h$&!!r" BH$@4$"Jz"H,*Mc18/,1 #c7n~ "/[#J model numbers, or other designations that identify the specific Sharing what is the required performance of this item without stating item details like (what is the required output of certain machine, which product will be manufactured by this required item, what is the challenge that company is facing & others). conformity testing - conformity assessment by means of testing. Secure .gov websites use HTTPS Buyer requires conformance to the Specification. The test procedures define the administrative as well as the technical process for testing an implementation. The following discussion defines conformance and conformance testing as well as describes the components of a conformance testing program. The advantages afforded by testing (and certification) are fairly obvious: quality products, interoperability, and competitive markets with more choices. All Goods provided by Contractor to Company shall conform to Company's applicable specifications, drawings, samples or other descriptions. Date and place where the product was manufactured. Does it come from a particularly influential stake-holder? Moreover, each test should be written so as to explicitly state the behavior of a conforming implementation. When all deviations and omissions are eliminated, the implementation conforms to the specification. 0000002922 00000 n Quality Assurance, Product Development, and Purchasing Strategies in China. products of a particular manufacturer as having the The rationale for an expiration date is that the technology, test suite, and/or specification will probably change and this forces the implementation to be retested. 0000003930 00000 n Nevertheless, the larger and more varied the set of inputs is, the more confidence can be placed in an implementation whose testing generates no errors. Although the terms validation and conformance testing are often interchanged, they are not the same. Lets take an example. 0000009860 00000 n Some clients have asked us what is a certificate of conformity over the years, and we wrote this article to answer that question. ", Webmaster | Contact Us | Our Other Offices, Created September 8, 2010, Updated August 25, 2016, Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), conformity - fulfillment of a product, process or service of specified requirements. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Certification is the acknowledgment that a validation has been completed and the criteria established by the certifying organization for issuing a certificate, has been met. specification. 6 What makes a good specification in procurement? /Filter /LZWDecode The term "optional" is used to indicate that if an implementation is going to provide the specified functionality, then the specification must be followed. product will meet an intended need, there are at least ten A conformance testing program usually includes: A specification/standard that includes a conformance clause and a test tools are essential to defining and measuring conformance. this specification is used, tangible performance, quality 3. a specification should be written to encourage, not discourage, The final test suite is expected to be complete by March 2001. /Length 10 0 R This button displays the currently selected search type. When there is enough time to assess the functionality of the product as proposed, Confirm Sign Up via the Email you provided, Get WEEKLY updates on Business, Finance & Legal aspects, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), CIPS L5M4 Advanced Contract and Financial Management, CIPS LEVEL 3 ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY OPERATIONS, Cips level 4 DIPLOMA IN PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLY, Legal aspects in entrepreneurship (Mini EBook), Pricing arrangements in commercial agreements, Proposing solutions to customers problems, WELCOME TO THE ZERITE NETWORK TAX TRAINING PROGRAM, The efficacy of specifications does not depend on technical knowledge of the buyer, Supplier can use their creativity to develop the products. Its use will not be permitted unless only one Level 2 includes all of level 1 and also additional functionality. Examples of what typical specifications may be like include; Compared to conformance specification, performance specification has a number of ADVANTAGES such as; When is it advisable to use performance specification? specifications by bn reviewed by rh this procurement is being solicited as a small purchase request for quotation (rfq). Additionally, the documentation should be detailed enough so that testing of a given implementation can be repeated with no change in test results. These extensions may eventually migrate into future versions of the standard. For example, some testing programs may require a very formal testing and certification approach using an independent (i.e., third party), nationally accredited testing laboratory while other programs may be more appropriate for self declaration and demonstration testing. Performance requirements describe the characteristics and Chartered MCIPS. Certificate of Conformity, According to the FCC (47 CFR Section 2.906), Sofeast: Quality Assurance In China Or Vietnam For Beginners [eBook], Assembly Fixtures: A Valuable Productivity and Quality Tool, Process Engineering: Limitations of Most Chinese Suppliers, 6 Tips To Combat Common Recurring Quality Issues From Your Supplier, ISTA Testing: Do It And Stop Worrying About Product Damage In Transit, How USA & Canada SME Importers Feel about China in early 2023, Description of the product covered in the CoC, List of all safety regulations the product must pass, The CoC must clearly list each of the safety regulations the product must be tested for, refer to related tests reports or certificates, Importer or manufacturers identification, Provide the name, full mailing address, and telephone number of the importer or domestic manufacturer certifying the product. Does a KitchenAid have a juicer attachment? ISO/IEC Guide 2 also mentions that "Typical examples of conformity assessment activities are sampling, testing and inspection; evaluation, verification and assurance of conformity (supplier's declaration, certification); registration, accreditation and approval as well as their combinations.". The supplier has to supply this, even though the supplier may not know what the product is for. developing your specifications, however, Procurement does not this sense means that the specification concentrates on how the In these cases, it may be desirable to partition the specifications into subsets of functionality. Quality of conformance is the ability of a product, service, or process to meet its design specifications. It will be super helpful to build on that. Used wooden pallets are Euro-pallets type (120cm x 100cm). tested and are considered equal, state testing methods Equipment that only contains digital circuitry (does not contain a radio transmitter) such as computer peripherals, microwave ovens consumer ISM equipment, switching power supplies, LED light bulbs, radio receivers and TV interface devices are subject to approval using the SDoC procedure or may optionally use the certification procedure. 0000002465 00000 n How to Market Your Business with Webinars. It may also be called a certificate of conformance or certificate of conformity.. "Design" in predicated on a written specification which includes certain nearpod taking forever to save, jefferson county impound lot, mary cedarleaf howard,